15 August 2010

we got married?


i have finished watching we got married,
kim hyun joong (my love!) and hwang bo.

fake marriage that seemed to be the real one.
kinda jealous watching hyun joong with hwang bo...huu
but that was all actions.

at first,
awkwardness conquer got in their relationship.
as the time goes by, they managed to find
each other's charms and chemistry between them.
i told you, this couple are super competitive!
their desire of winning is beyond imagination.
that was how they got closer to each other.

how will you feel when you have been together with a person for 8 months,
living in the same house,
sharing all sorts of stories,
ate together,
laughed and cried together,
and suddenly when you get to know each other better,
it is time for you to say goodbye to each other?

kinda upset watching the last episode.
how they revealed each other's attractiveness.

still, it's not a real story.
wgm joongbo is the best!
p/s: coz i like khj. heee

khj is a real conservative man when it comes to his woman's dressing.
like it!

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