12 August 2010



well....ramadhan is coming...the most blessed month
that gives us chances to top-up our good deeds.

this is the only month that we get to do solat terawih
together with our family and friends.

this fasting month will really teach you how to be patient,
more generous, more hardworking in adding up your pahala
and also in strengthening your iman level.

people are ready with many different mission when it comes to ramadhan.
one way to lose weight,
one whole month to get many types of good food
and will eventually gain weight,
or you simply want to go through this month with
the bless from Allah by doing what should be done
and forbid what should be undone.

-mission to be accomplished: putting together the pieces of taqwa-

this is also the month that the devils are chained.
so, in this month, we are only facing our own desires (nafsu)
which is no less than the devils' whisper.

so guys,
prepare yourself with the will of going through this ramadhan with bless from Allah.
may all our good deeds are accepted by Him.

+salam ramadhan+

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