01 August 2010


salam all...

hahaha....last night was a "wonderful" night for me and a "victorious" night for all my mean-and-loving friends.

they pranked me!!

they recorded everything that i have to do to ensure a complete mission of their mean agenda...huu
and the cameraman was ira, the meanest among the mean...hahah

i have to play some sort of treasure hunt,
where i have to eat oat (omg! i hate oats!) to get the first clue .
they know what i hate, and they really made full use of it!
huh. definitely m not going to tell anything that i dislike to them anymore...a total worry if they knew.
kak nisa as the first clue keeper got me to sing semaian subur. huu
with the hideous voice, i sang one verse.haha

i met mawabbies for the next clue, got to fill a 500ml of mineral water bottle with water. wait. got to fill it by using hands okie. haha
they made me crazy. really.

the next clue, got to meet the "jiwa" =jijie + wawa.
jijie ordered me to sing the three bears song that was very popular in the drama full house back then, together with the steps. OMG!
huh. i did it and when i rewatched it, how i wish i have NEVER done it!
atrocious!. m dead serious. haha
i do not know how to dance. seriously.
a real stiff = kayu dance. hahahaha (laughing a lot at my own self)

after the hilarious dancing task, got to meet fiza for the next task. fine. ironing fiza's clothes. ahahaha
layannnnn ja..~~~

right after the ironing session, met matul for the next "pelik2" tasks. haha
know what?
i have to sew the words happy birthday on a piece of cloth within 3 minutes. that was a total crazy thing!
but then, i did it at the end. ahha
super hideous! believe me. ahha

ahhahaa...suddenly, the next clue mentioned that i have to go to pkp to meet someone. went there without any second thought, i saw liya was sitting on the chair in front of her block.
i met her and straight away asked her for the clue.
she denied bu then she gave me a task, to fill her bottle with water from the r.o water machine.
unfortunately, the machine was closed.
she forced me to fill in water from the water cooler in her block.
she even made me to wake up my harabuji who was sleeping soundly at that time. huu

then, the seventh clue asked me to guess "benda yg melekat di dinding and ramai orang guna time hujung minggu"
huuua....the washing machine!
how could they put the word as " melekat"???
before they told me the answer, again i was forced to do something that was really disgusting. ahha
make a bragging speech about myself. huuuaaaa!!!!
liya realyy hit me in the head.
i hate that!
liya asked me to say that......................
"i am gorgeous and sexy................."

then we went to the washing machine to find the clue. the lamp was purposely turned off so it was hard for me to find or even look anything. suddenly, while searching, i saw ain. i looked at her, she looked at me. we were stunned.

abruptly, those naughty girls pour on me a bowl of flour. huuuuuaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
it's snowing in block d!!! hahaha
we were in white that night. huuu
they even put on my afce the blue glitters.
my face was a total damage.huuuu

later, we went to wani's rom, they sang me happy birthday, gave me presents and wishes.
we laughed and ate together that night.
i was really happy eventhough i was the victim. huuu

my beloved f4 gave me a sweet, pretty blue watch. i love it guys!!!

that night, i slept together with them. i took a bath and i wore again the watch to accompany me in my tight sleep. :)

thanks everyone. u really made me crazy yet happy that night.
thanks. thanks. thanks.
love. love. love. love you guys!!

p/s: the mastermind, wani........your turn is getting nearer....beware of pranks! hahaha

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