29 August 2010

cs and the 12 dancing princes and princesses.


well, after 2 months trapped in the ipg going nowhere,
kekura,ira,wani,cik azie,father,cik taeyang,neli,hafiz,alfoadi,aliff n syahmi,
managed to go out-regardless of the class that we had in the morning.
went out to cs to break fast together.
as early as 600pm we have already waited at the food court,
worrying that we couldn't get a place to eat.

i had a great time with them.
seriously, that was the first time i couldn't finish my meal.
stomachache abruptly attacked.
right after break-fasting, we performed solat maghrib and started walking around.
i got so many things to buy yesterday,
but it seemed like we didn't have much time to even go to our
must-go bookstore.
gave up on those,
i went to pay my broadband bill.

kekura managed to buy a sling bag,
we were walking separately since everyone got their own place to go.

went back,
at the terminal, we quickly grabbed coolblog.

end of yesterday's story .

a big bunch of thanks to all.
love you guys!


aEn said...

so sorry u didn't managed
to buy anything dear :(

~binbin~ said...

no biggies...i managed to buy a sling bag for you what..hee

aEn said...

thanks a lot dear!!

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.