22 August 2010

bazar ramadhan. :)


yesterday, together with liya, harabuji, kekura and mawabbies,
i went to bazaar ramadhan in giant tmn suria.
quite excited since it was my first time going to bazaar this ramadhan.
we went there by taxi at around 530pm.
a few minutes later, we arrived at the bazaar.
the bazaar was flooded with uncountable people who came to buy foods for the breakfasting time.

kekura found her favourite roti boom and quickly grabbed 1.
i waited for her while the others went to another stalls.
after a few moments walking around the bazaar, i decided to buy nasi ayam, me favourite.hee
and of course keropok lekor.

liya bought nasi kerabu for herself, kekura and cik azie.
harabuji and mawabbies bought nasi lemak kukus.
the other also bought something else but i just sticked to that two,
worrying that i might unable to finish them.

around 630pm, we went back to ipg.
we stopped in front of cenderawasih because harabuji wanted to buy something.
i saw epop and quickly grabbed it.
hahaha....after reading it, only i knew that it was a reprinted version.
whatever, since i haven't bought that issue yet.hee

end of bazar story.

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