16 May 2010


salam and hi to all...

yesterday...some of the tesl 2 members created a chaotic scene in plaza angsana kfc.
it was a very happy moment as we could gather in one place and giggling just like the place is ours.haha
in contrary, i felt unhappy as not all were able to gather with us yesterday.huu
no worries. we always have the next time.
god willing.=)
our K.O, mr hafiz sent message to us mentioning that we all have to be there at 130pm sharp.
hahaha...but then, the girls ended up to start their journey from maktab at 200. wakaka...
poor boys...hikhik

our beloved hara2, sheila....really became the teasing sort yesterday. poor hara2...
saranghae! :)


-our half big happy family-

credits to cik azie for these two photos..=)


pia said...

aku takde !!!!!

~binbinandherself~ said...

maaf la pia...tp sape suh kau blik..?

seronok berjalan ngn family kau?:)

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.