24 December 2009

DBP:.da bengkel penulisan~~


starting from last sunday,
i went to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) to take part in a workshop,
writing workshop that was organized for those who won the Hadiah Galakan Tunas Remaja.

a few days before:

20th december 2009

the journey to KL- super tiring!!huu
went there together with my teacher..pn rohaidah binti yon..
(thanks to her that she was the one who sent my short story to DBP)
checked in at institute of diplomacy and foreign research (idfr)
my roomate was a form 2 student-the youngest in the workshop-
and her father is one of the writers available in malaysia

nudra shafini.......what a nice name she has...:)

21st december 2009
the workshop began.
the first slot was conducted by the well-known poet and writer,
she used to write a short story entitled
and was included in the syllabus of Malay literature in secondary schools.
but this time she was not going to teach us about short story,
she taught us about poems: how to make a good poem, the language used and most importantly,
each and every line in the poem is meaningful.

every single moment with her was precious and unforgettable:)
she sang songs based on the poems or well-known as "mestamu"-melagukan sajak tanpa alat muzik
one quote that she loved to use throughout her slot with us was:

and we were really in to it..:)
she also taught us one "nazam":

Allah Allah Aza Wajjal Tuhan Kami
Kami Mohon Ampun Akan Dosa Kami

i really learnt a lot from her and i believe that everyone had the same feeling as mine..:)
this was the poem that i made during the slot with her..
huu...it wasn't that interesting since i'm not that good in making poems..

let me present the poem entitled:


aku mendaki
mendaki dan mendaki
serta mendaki lagi
berbekalkan semangat pertiwi
ke mercu destinasi

dalam pendakian
aku tersungkur
lantas rebah menyembah tanah
aku bangkit
aku tersungkur dan bangkit lagi
lagi dan lagi
sehingga tanpa disedari
aku telah jauh
terlalu jauh
mendaki gunung pancaroba
asyik menghirup kemanisan madu kejayaan
tanpa melupakan pahitnya hempedu kegagalan.

the slot was super fun and enjoyable..
well, most probably because of the two "great speakers" in the workshop,


(on of the youngest but wanted to be called as he is much older than others..hehe)


HELMI or well-known as EL
there, he got a new name : SOFEA

didn't want to tell why he was given that name..hehe

21st december 2009 (night)

we started our night slot with


one of the famous writers in Malaysia
the first slot that night was filled with the ice breaking session with abg saiful

22nd december 2009

the whole day was filled with the session with abg saiful
it was interesting...:)
as usual wan n el played their roles the best..hee
the session ended at 10.30 pm
right after performing solat isyak,
we were required to gather at the lobby in idfr to discuss about the performance that we were going to make the next day.

we decided to perform a sketch based on a short story made by one of us.
we chose ferrari, pierre cardin di darul taqwa as the sketch..
finished discussing and practising at about 1.30 am...huu
super sleepy....

23rd december 2009

the prize giving ceremony plus our performance..
we started practising in the morning and finished at about 11.
waiting for the performance...
luckily we did it well..
thanks to wan as he has successfully played his role in the sketch..:)
and all that involved..
everyone did give their best for the performance..
let's give a big hand to all!!!
the ceremony ended at 1.00 pm
huuu....sad to leave my friends there...
  • ketua mafia
  • nudra
  • penghulu and penghuluwati
  • khaliq
  • ainatul mardhiah
  • izzati
  • fira
  • el
  • fazli
  • izzuddin
  • aina
  • mardhiah
  • nadirah
  • syazana
  • the one who sat next to her..(sorry, i forgot your name)
anyway..this is going to be my unforgettable memory..:)

let's reunite next year!

as planned by wan and aina..:)


aTuL~ said...

uhh la la..
dear u have a very super talented talent in literature or what can i say.sastera lah.
enjoy ur writing.
keep it up!!!!


~binbinandherself~ said...

thanks kekuraku sayang!:)

aken said...

read about a name~nudra shafini...
do you know the writer of 'terima kasih nudra shafini'?

aken said...

writer available a.k.a ayh dia Encik Osman Ayob??

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.