30 December 2009


i feel something unpleasant right now.....

something uneasy has blown into my heart as i went through those...........huh.

why should i keep on thinking about it??

why should i feel like this???

this is not like me....!!!


i am not me.

for the time being.

do i have to go through this again?

i hope not.

i hate being like this.

i hate it.


hate for losing some parts of myself.

can somebody fix them for me again?

i guess not.

and i am sure that they cannot.

because they don't know.

the reason why i posted this.

me too.

don't know why should i posted this nonsense piece of myself.


to lose is to get something better.


before we get better.

we have to go through the most painful healing process.

and that process is to be followed by the strongest inner self of mine
which i can't detect where it is really situated.


never take this post as a serious thing.

this is just a nonsense side of a girl.



no name.

till then.

see you in the next post.


p/s: live your life to the max...huu

whatever happens,

even if something happened not as what you want,
just be grateful.
The Almighty has served you with something that is much better than
what you had lose.
or what you did not get.
there is,
too long journey for us to go through
and that is reason we are here in this world.
to deal with obstacles to be a person that is better,
and happier.
regardless of what happens in life.

1 comment:

aTuL~ said...

si siputku..
why??are having any problems?
no matter what,
hope i can b the one who sweep ur no nonsense feeling.who can make u happy.heeeee..

u're right.
to lose is to get something better.
but we also need some time in order to realise that we lose something.

trpnjang bg kumen.

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.