26 June 2012


You can dream of a blessed, happy life
but that will remain a dream
you do not kick the start button in letting it get in your life way.

Hmm.. let's take this as an instance,
you are craving for a moist, soft, tempting and mouth-watering bar of chocolate that melts instantly the moment you put it into your mouth.
You can imagine that you are leisurely eating it
it is still an imagination unless you put an effort to get up, go to a walking distance market and grab one.

Dreams should be accompanied with efforts for them to come TRUE.

The common dream big and put no effort, feeling contented by just dreaming
the extraordinary restlessly putting tonnes of efforts in making their dreams REAL
because they know,
the ultimate happiness goes to ones that deserve it.

DREAM BIG and TRY HARD in making your dreams a success. :)

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.