26 July 2010

me and my very good mood :)

uit all...long time no see. hahah

my latest entry was 2 months ago. huu
kinda lazy to spill my thoughts in my bloggie.

well, start writing on my 19th birthday.
i got the same birthday with my little brother who is turning 3 today.

may God bless you...
keep growing well and and end up being a better person than your sisters and brother. okay?
love you!:)

to fellow friends,
thanks a alot for the wishes and thoughts..:)
i appreciate it so really much.

my roomie, cik azie.. thanks a lot for the cutey little Happy. i'll call it that way since it was written on it.
love it! and love you too! :)

my kekura, thanks for the special entry in ur blog for my birthday..
got sentimental values there.
love ya!:)

mr syahmi,
thanks a lot for the pinky teddy bear and mcflurry that you gave me.
love them!:)

for tice timah doraemon,
thanks for the empty wrapper of lexus biscuit that you gave me today.
i'll keep it.
no lies. hikhik
p/s: didn't get your japanese language just now.
too LONG and too FAST. hahak
i know arigato only.
so, arigato gozaimasu tice timah!:)

thanks to my mummy for giving birth to me.
without you, no chances for me to experience this colourful world.
really love you infinity.
no one in this entire world can ever replace you.
that is a promise.:)
love you mama!:)

dearie nurul,
thanks and congrats for being the first to wish when i oficially turned 19.
get well soon dear!:)
no medicine-skipping okie?:)

cik taeyang,
kak dibbies,
adik fifah,
all......thanks for wishing me the best in my next years.
thank you. thank you. :))

> may everything turn out well for me in the years ahead. <

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.